Testimonials - Mobile Signal Booster

We checked with the radioation meters the boosters is really health friendly.
- Executive Manager: Cadence
We thank AVA Systems for providing reliable booster services in our PSU
- Product Manager: Arvind Kolhi
We thank AVA Systems for their excellent customer support.
- Resident New Delhi: Mr. Singh
Their Demo faded out all my vows about the installation of a mobile booster.
- Resident Moradabad: Mrs. Mittal
Their systems works just like they said it would.
- Relationship Manager: Diwan Sahib
Seguro- An apt cellular signal booster brand which provides complete customer satisfaction experience.
- Shri Prakash Jha
I am really satisfied with the product. Being a client, I believe in the investment which would last for years.
- Mr. Ravi Uppal
With Seguro booster, you can turn the blinking single bar on your phone's reception meter into a solid five bars, which results in fewer dropped calls, better call quality and a longer battery life for your phone
- The Amrapali Group
Thank you for all of your help in picking out a cell phone signal system for our Gym. It works great. We had only one bar in the Gym and had to go outside for the cell phones to work. Now we have four/five bars inside and our clients are happy visiting us
- Gold’s Gym
We had a terrain issue which didn’t help with picking up cell signals which in turn prevented us from using our cell phones in our home, but not anymore thanks to you and your great products. I am recommending Seguro to neighbors and friends alike
- SSb

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