Model: SSG-704

2G(GSM & DCS) + 3G + 4G Mobile Signal Booster


  • Boosts all GSM,DCS and 3G signals for small homes, offices and shops
  • In built cooling mechanism which ensures durability
  • Low in power, high on strength and thermal stability
  • Automatic gain control, no manual adjustments required

Price: ₹72,999/-

The SSG- 704 triband mobile network signal booster is an all- in-one signal amplifier solution that functions across networks tuned to the frequency of 900-1800-2100MHZ. SSG-704 is an ideal solution for shops, offices and homes up to 3,000 sq. ft. and is capable of strengthening voice and data signal by up to 36x and ensure seamless connectivity, increase data speed and eliminate call drop problem permanently. It comes with a strong network device which is small in size thus making it easy to install at any location within premises that does not hamper the interior décor of the place. Similar to all our boosters, SSG-704 come with a one year replacement warranty and quick installation guide. Buy Now !


  • Augments voice and data cellular signal within premises
  • Better voice clarity with zero call drop
  • Increased and reliable data speed
  • Easy to operate with zero maintenance

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