Model: SSG 601

2G(GSM) Mobile Signal Booster


  • GSM Single Band Network Signal Booster
  • Augments signal strength by up to 36x
  • Compact design facilitates easy installation
  • GSM Single Band Network Signal Booster

Price: ₹24,999/-

The best Single band GSM cell phone antenna booster in India, SSG 601 is a great choice for all users whose network operators are tuned in the frequency of 900 MHz. Installing this device shall eliminate your call drop problems permanently and result in excellent voice and data quality. With increased signal strength up to 36x, the device delivers best results within area measuring 3,000 Sq. ft. SSG 601 is an ideal choice for users with small homes, office spaces or shops where cellular signal strength is weak.


  • Exemplary clarity in Voice and Data speed
  • No call drops post installation
  • Easy to Install, easier to operate
  • One time investment, No maintenance cost

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