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Ava Systems was born to the call of failing network signals and weak cellular data connectivity that persistently caused hindrance in communication and negatively impacted business correspondence. With a team of certified professionals and industry veterans, we thus came forward to provide a robust and competitive solution to the challenge and streamline signal issues across all possible signal carriers such that people are connected seamlessly from the comfort of their home and offices.

Finest Signal Boosting Solutions

Got a cellular signal issue? We have customized solution for each problem. Equipped with a wide range of signal boosters and accessories manufactured using finest technology, we amplify your signal up to 36x of its current strength so that you enjoy uninterrupted connectivity all through. Quality is assured through our Health Certified and Government approved products which are customized to suit specific requirements and enable optimized result. Our product catalogue also includes mobile jammers and restrictors.

Why choose us?

1. Seguro

1. Seguro Boosters

A telecommunication pioneer designed in France, Seguro brings forth the latest technology to amplify weak network signals and enable enhanced cellular connectivity through its signal booster device. True to its tagline ‘connectivity redefined’, Seguro signal boosters have been revolutionary in how smoothly people communicate, be it in office, home or on the move.

1. With Seguro booster, you can turn the blinking single bar on your phone's reception meter into a solid five bars, which results in fewer dropped calls, better call quality and a longer battery life for your phone.
- The Amrapali Group

2. Ledmate Boosters

Ava Systems offer Indian mobile signal booster for home and offices with recorded capability of increasing mobile signal up to 36x . The Indian signal amplifiers mainly find application in homes and offices occupied on rent and serve as an ideal solution for users who desire to use them for 10-12 months. The Indian cell phone boosters boast of good quality device and demonstrate optimal performance and have become a preferred alternative to expensive solutions over small to mid-term.

Boosters are a necessity, especially for us who work in the IT Industry. I would like to applaud their staff members who work day and night for the betterment of boosters
- Wisk Infotech
2. ATH Booster
3. Other booster

3. Linktratek Boosters

Chinese signal booster for mobile are low ranking devices with unstable signal amplifying capabilities. Chinese boosters, though cheaply priced are not recommended, due to their low performance and possible health hazards. They also have a low shelf life and can only function up to six months. Most of the devices are fake versions of branded boosters and may fail to strengthen signal at all.

Affodable boosters for everyone
- Ling Chen Chu

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