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Industry Expertise

Ava Systems was born to the call of failing network signals and weak cellular data connectivity that persistently caused hindrance in communication and negatively impacted business correspondence. With a team of certified professionals and industry veterans, we thus came forward to provide a robust and competitive solution to the challenge and streamline signal issues across all possible signal carriers such that people are connected seamlessly from the comfort of their home and offices.

Finest Signal Boosting Solutions

Got a cellular signal issue? We have customized solution for each problem. Equipped with a wide range of signal boosters and accessories manufactured using finest technology, we amplify your signal up to 36x of its current strength so that you enjoy uninterrupted connectivity all through. Quality is assured through our Health Certified and Government approved products which are customized to suit specific requirements and enable optimized result. Our product catalogue also includes mobile jammers and restrictors.

Why choose us?

1. Best In Category

1. Health Friendly Boosters

We care for your health and our product reflects this in true earnest. Manufactured using state-of-art technology, our products are absolutely free of any health hazard and emit low radiation that allows you to use them 24*7 without any worries.

We checked with the radiation meters the boosters are really health friendly.
- Executive Manager: Cadence

2. Government Approved Boosters

Unlike other signal boosters available for purchase, our products are authorized by the government which makes them reliable and safe to use. We take pride in using qualitative materials and constantly upgrading our manufacturing processes to deliver solutions capable of generating optimal results.

We thank AVA Systems for providing reliable booster services in our PSU
- Product Manager: Arvind Kolhi
2. Government Approved
3. One Year Replacement Warranty

3. One Year Replacement Warranty Coverage

All our products come with replacement warranty. Yes! You read it right, replacement and not repair warranty. We take complete ownership of every product sold by us and ensure that customers experience a hassle free replacement if need be.

We thank AVA Systems for their excellent customer support.
- Resident New Delhi: Mr. Singh

4. Free Demo

Our certified service technicians have been exclusively trained to provide you with a free demo of our products on demand to enable you understand its functionality and usage method. They visit you at your convenience and patiently explain you the entire process including installation, usage and trouble shooting.

Their Demo faded out all my vows about the installation of a mobile booster.
- Resident Moradabad: Mrs. Mittal
4. Free Demo
5. 24*7 Service Support

5. 24*7 Service Support

It is for you that we exist! A customer centric firm, AVA Systems keeps its customers at the apex of all that it does. This is also demonstrated through our round the clock customer service desk designed especially to resolve your queries, take requests and address issues if any to your complete satisfaction.

Their systems works just like they said it would.
- Relationship Manager: Diwan Sahib

6. Branded Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile network signal boosters that are branded, recognized and reliable; that is what we deal in. While you decide to purchase one with us, you can be rest assured about its quality and longevity; of course while continually performing its primary responsibility of amplifying your signal strength exponentially.

Seguro- An apt cellular signal booster brand which provides complete customer satisfaction experience.
- Shri Prakash Jha
6. Branded Mobile Signal Booster
7. Lifetime Investment

7. Lifetime Investment Boosters

We create products that last for a lifetime. Presenting a whole range of robust signal boosters which are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and top-notch processes that enhances it life span and helps it act as a perfect solution for your diminished cellular signal strength.

I am really satisfied with the product. Being a client, I believe in the investment which would last for years.
- Mr. Ravi Uppal

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